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Top destinations for February travels

As February draws to a close, and my northern friends continue to bemoan the incessant ice and snow, I thought I’d do a quick Google search for the top travel destinations of the month to help heat things up.


Living in San Diego, it’s probably a no-brainer to suggest that my current hometown is a popular choice. According to Travel + Leisure, “You’ll find shorter lines at theme parks in Orlando and San Diego, and you’ll have an easier time getting tables at hot restaurants in San Francisco and Los Angeles.”

True dat! San Diego is home to SeaWorld, and just a stone’s throw from Legoland in Carlsbad (which reopens March 7, according to their website). It’s also just over 2 hours away from Disneyland in Anaheim, so if you’re looking for a family vacation, it looks like February is the month to do it.

Exploring their website, it seems Disneyland prices have skyrocketed since I was a kid. With their SoCal Residents Special price, it’s $139 per person (ages 3 and up) for a 2-day ticket to the park. YOWZA! Even SeaWorld is $86 with their Fun Card. I wonder if my parents had to take out a mortgage on their house just to take us kids out for a week of good, old-fashioned family fun?

Personally, I’ve been contemplating a staycation within driving distance, as my kitties don’t take kindly to catsitters. Looks like this would be a great time to hit up Palm Springs, as I don’t take kindly to desert heat, particularly in the warmer months of the year. Nubby Twiglet offers a great overview of the city on her blog, along with plenty of hot photos and travel tips.

I definitely don't want to stay here! ("Bring Your Alibis" photo by Flickr user Randy Heinitz)
I think I will avoid this particular Palm Springs hotel… (“Bring Your Alibis” photo by Flickr user Randy Heinitz)

For those looking to head down San Diego way, Los Angeles Confidential suggests several staycation ideas that involve a little luck at the slot machines. They recommend a girls-only getaway to Barona Resort & Casino, a lobster brunch at Valley View Casino & Hotel and a trip to Pala Casino Spa & Resort for “the full-day ‘Bliss Escape,’ which includes a pair of hot stone massages, two facials, and a poolside cabana for the day.” Though I’m not big on gambling, I love the thought of massages and lounging poolside. That’s kind of what I picture doing in Palm Springs, actually.

Well, that and pretending to be an old-school Hollywood icon, like Marilyn:

"Marilyn was in Palm Springs" photo by Flickr user Fabrice Muller
“Marilyn was in Palm Springs” photo by Flickr user Fabrice Muller

So, if you had your way, where in the world would you like to spend an impromptu February vacation?

What say you, gentle reader?