Fun Facts

Five fun facts about Laura…

  1. When she tackles fiction, she likes to write about such fantastic creatures as ninja and pirates. This may or may not be due to a childhood obsession with The Princess Bride.
  2. She played the flute throughout middle school and high school, and even won a couple of scholarships to attend different band camps in the Midwest. Her hatred of navy blue clothing is, in fact, a product of one such camp’s bizarre dress code.
  3. She grew up in a suburb of Chicago, so if you have ever seen a John Hughes movie (especially Ferris Bueller’s Day Off), you can probably fill in the rest.
  4. In high school, she earned Varsity letters for two team sports: Badminton and Bowling. Lest you deride the level of sporting prowess required for such a feat, remember these two things: 1) Backyard badminton and competitive badminton are two very different beasts. 2) High school bowling teams don’t drink, but they do enjoy a good plate of cheese fries.
  5. She didn’t intend to obtain two different Bachelor’s degrees, but nevertheless she is the proud owner of both a Philosophy BA and a Creative Writing & English Literature degree. Do not ask her about her take on Plato’s Cave unless you are ready for a 90-minute lecture.