Project Mailbag

Missing the art of handwritten mail? Is your real-world inbox filled with nothing but bills and junk? Where’s the love, yo?

I’m starting Project Mailbag with a mission: to brighten total strangers’ days with handwritten notes.

The basic gist: Send me a note, and I’ll send you one back! Simple, right?

Here’s my address:

And a sample of my handwriting! (I told you it was messy…)

The Rules

  1. Don’t send me anything you wouldn’t want to receive. No ads, no creepy stalker stuff, no white powder… you know the drill. You’ve sent stuff in the mail before, right?
  2. Handwriting is awesome! Show me what yours looks like. I am always curious. Mine is messy, since I typically type on a keyboard all day long, but I will do my best to make it legible for you.
  3. Reciprocity rules. If you send me a postcard, I’ll send the same. If you send a longer letter, I’ll send the same. Send me something wacky – like a garden stake, to see if your postman really will deliver a post – and I will send you something equally wacky. Fair warning: If you send me a check for a million dollars, I can’t really reciprocate on that one, so I’ll just send you a really, really, really effusive thank you note.
  4. This project is mostly about writing, but it’s also about surprises! You never know what you might get in your mailbox, but I promise these will only be good surprises. No singing telegrams (do those still exist?), no peanuts for the allergic, no Mormons or Jehovah’s Witnesses showing up on your doorstep to ask if you’ve heard the good news. I will never use your address for evil. Pinky swear.
  5. Speaking of reading, I like books, and sometimes people want to send them to me for review, but this project is not about book reviews. So, please, don’t send me your book. Sorry!
  6. In this digital world, I’m sure you are aware that people like to share the stuff they receive in the mail on social media. So yes, I will be doing that. If you would like your correspondence to remain strictly confidential, please indicate this somewhere on your note. As with Postcrossing, if I’m taking a picture of a beautiful envelope or stamp, I will artfully hide your address with my mad photo compositional skills.
  7. And finally, to repeat Rule #4, because it’s that important: I will never, ever use your address for evil, so please don’t be afraid to use your real home or work address. Despite what you may have read about psycho authors stalking readers, I am not a crazy person and have no intentions of doing that to anyone, ever. That would be creepy and wrong, not to mention very likely to land me in jail. So no, I will not start spamming you with ads about my latest books, I will not knock on your front door to ask if you’d like to go for coffee just because I was “in the neighborhood,” and I will not abuse the trust you are placing in me by sending me a note like this. Ultimately, this is meant to be a fun project for everyone involved, so let’s be excellent to one another and see what happens, okay?

Got more questions about Project Mailbag? Fire away!